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Our quality guarantee for you

The trust which our customers have placed in us since our company foundation in 1982 is not least based on the consistently high quality of our products. In order to guarantee this, we provide the highest standards in all steps of our production process.
In this way, we ensure through the auditing of our suppliers the quality of the raw materials, produce our products with our qualified specialists under stringent quality conditions and ensure through adequate packaging and delivery the consistently high product quality which lands on the plates of consumers.

As a foodstuffs producer, we not only bear a responsibility towards our customers and end consumers, but also towards the environment. For this reason, quality also means for us the responsible handling of the environment and resources. Furthermore, we view ourselves as a family-run company to be responsible for our employees and for the region around our company location, Ostbevern.




Quality Assurance


In order to offer you a consistently safe and high-quality end product, we have ourselves certified regularly:

Product safety and product protection: IFS Food

The IFS Food certification for our company guarantees the maintenance of determined standards with regard to food safety and
quality, and ensures that our products always accord with the high market requirements. For our IFS certificate, we set ourselves an audit lasting several days every year which is conducted by accredited certification bodies.
Here our production processes are critically inspected by specially-certified auditors.

Adaptation to customer requirements

Since 2014, our Halal certification permits us to produce convenience products which are permitted in accordance with Sharia law.
During production, exclusively those raw materials are used which have undergone preliminary testing and which have been classified as halal.

Quality assurance system

The QA system is a quality assurance system which guarantees the comprehensive inspection of the entire foodstuffs chain across all production stages starting with feed production. The test criteria on which this system is based contain at least the legal regulations, and go over and above such regulations in sub-areas such as animal protection and health. The consumer receives a transparent curriculum vitae for the product from the "agriculturalist to the shop counter" –
for more safety during purchase. Vossko has been QA-certified since 2015.

Without genetic engineering

The "Without genetic engineering seal" labels foodstuffs which have been produced without the "use of genetic engineering procedures".
Through this voluntary certification, we clearly show that we have not used any genetically-engineered plants in the product or feed. In this way, we contribute towards making it possible for consumers to decide for genetic engineering-free agriculture through their purchasing behaviour.

Beter leven seal of quality

The Beter leven seal of quality of the Dutch animal protection organisation Dierenbescherming is awarded to manufacturers of poultry and meat products which fulfil particularly stringent specifications on purchase of the raw materials in order to protect the animals. In this way, for example, the size of the stalls, the number of animals/m² and the duration of the fattening process is taken into account.

Customers in the Netherlands frequently only then list suppliers if they can present the Beter leven certification. In our neighbouring country, Beter leven holds high credibility and acceptance amongst producers, trade companies and above all amongst consumers.


Cooking methods

Quality characteristics: The safe end product

In order to guarantee our customers the greatest possible product safety, we focus on the production of articels which are fully-cooked through. All Vossko products come into the shops carefully inspected, safely transported and labelled in a consumer-friendly manner, and offer you high-quality convenience, consistent quality and a lot of flavour.

Safe transport

So that our products reach the consumer in perfect condition, they are shock frozen after cooking to -30 °C and delivered whilst maintaining a continuous cooling chain. In this way, the contents are optimally preserved and the product thus reaches the shops in an "as good as freshly-prepared" condition.

Transparent labelling

The quality of Vossko products is apparent to consumers at first glance: you can find correct labelling acc. LMIV (EU Foodstuffs Information Ordinance) on every piece of packaging. Due to extremely rapid increases in the frequency of food incompatibilities, we also attempt to avoid the use of additives which have to be declared and allergens which have to be labelled such as soya, gluten or lactose.

Employee qualification

The production of the high-quality products requires, in addition to proper production conditions, the deployment of highly-qualified specialists who ensure the smooth running of the production process. For this reason, quality starts for us right there - with our employees: Through comprehensive and regular training courses, they are in a position to conduct all quality-relevant processes within a company with the greatest of care and to guarantee production under the highest hygiene standards.

Our responsibility: sustainability, environment protection and energy efficiency

In order to reduce resource consumption, we have set up an energy management system acc. DIN EN ISO 50001. In this way, we can record the energy flows within our company and can undertake an assessment of the efficiency of particularly energy-intensive systems and activities.

We also record the CO² emissions of our production with the aim of developing tailored measures to increase the energy efficiency, of using energy-saving possibilities and of reducing emissions.

Our thermal recovery system is one example of concepts already successfully implemented for the saving of resources: The energy generated as exhaust air during operation of our deep-freeze warehouse is now used to heat our office building.

Our products

For Home

We are the right partners when the complex requirements of your modern Production have to be fulfilled. Quality, flexibility, know-how and qualified consultation are a matter of course for us. Our years of experience in the production of fully-cooked articles made from poultry, pork, beef and soya are reflected in the wide range of products available.


Vossko Foodservice is a fast-growing division of the Vossko Group. We are the right partners when kitchen professionals from company, school and retirement home catering or the catering, care and snacks sector require support with safe and high-standard culinary products. Our articles are completely cooked through and gently shock frozen, as only in this way can we achieve a maximum of safety and retain as many valuable nutrients as possible.