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Trust and safety with cooked-through products

"We are in the best hands with Vossko"! So why do our long-term customers recommend us in such glowing terms? They have learned to trust us and accept our decision, made for reasons of safety, to only market our high standard articles made from poultry, pork or beef as fully-cooked items.

Product safety

Above all regarding poultry, cooked articles currently represent the highest possible level of safety in terms of hygiene. For some years now, we have produced part of our frequently fat-free or low-fat products made from poultry and beef in Lages/Brazil. Because the processing of poultry and meat is of above-average importance in comparison to other countries, the state specifications on safety for fully-cooked products are unusually high here. 

Because cooked articles fulfil high requirements concerning flavour and appearance, they are becoming increasingly accepted in the foodstuffs trade, in food service and in the industry at home and abroad. This applies for convenience products made from chicken and turkey just as for those made from pork or beef. We are constantly developing the recipes, cooking processes and preparation recommendations, frequently also in close collaboration with our customers.



A success story since 1982


Foundation of the company by Bernhard and Maria Vosskötter; the first production of deep-frozen refined products made from chicken and turkey for Westphalia


Development of a nation-wide sales and marketing organisation; first trade fair presentation at the ANUGA in Cologne 


Listing of the Vossko products through a significant national trade centre


Completion and relocation into the new production and administration building, built in accordance with the EC regulations, on the company's own site in Ostbevern


Start of the export business into what is now 16 different countries.



Dietmar Vosskötter enters the Management



Clemens Vosskötter enters the Management



Extension of the capacities by 50 % through the erection of a second Production hall


Certification of the quality management system acc. DIN EN ISO 9001


First trade fair presentations, Inter Cool Düsseldorf and PLMA Amsterdam



Extension of the range by convenience articles made from pork


Commissioning of a new deep-freeze facility



Commissioning of a third Production hall, certification acc. IFS
and BRC


Commissioning of own Production facility in Lages/Brazil with EC certification


Extension of the Production in Lages/Brazil



Setting up of a new sales level under Vossko Food Service



EC certification for the processing of beef in Lages/Brazil



Commissioning of the new deep-freeze warehouse with a total of 12,500 storage points in Ostbevern


New construction of an office building; employees in Germany and Brazil: 900



Vossko brand relaunch



Extension of the range by a meat-free product line. Certification of the energy management system acc. DIN EN ISO 50001. New construction of a dry storage facility.


First trade fair presentation in the Near East at the Gulfood, Dubai


New certifications: QA, V-Log, Halal and V-Label


Advertising launch. Construction of a cogeneration unit on the company site in Ostbevern



Vossko main headquarters in Ostbevern

Our headquarters in Ostbevern lie approximately 20 km north-east of Münster. Here, in the Münsterland region, Bernhard and Maria Vosskötter founded the company Vossko in 1982. The consistent growth of our company over the past more than 30 years has necessitated continuous extensions of the production and office buildings which are not yet completed.

With over 600 employees, Vossko is the largest employer in the location, and most of the employees come from the region. The low fluctuation reflect the close relations with our company and at the same time means for us the responsibility and the affirmation of our targets: as the Management, we feel ourselves obligated to our regional roots and uphold local traditions  - these represent for us a logical basis for international success on many export markets.

Facts & figures

Employees: 600

Production capacity: 30,000 t

Vossko do Brazil

Poultry and meat traditionally have a high significance and great economic importance in Brazil. The stringent requirements placed on foreign investors by the State presented a real challenge, but at the same time a major opportunity for us. More than 10 years ago, we built our plant in the Federal State of Santa Catarina in the south of the country, and we now have over 400 employees working there.

Annual IFS, BRC and Halal audits guarantee, in addition to the excellent quality of the meat, a consistently high standard of the articles produced there. 

Facts & figures

Employees: 430

Production capacity: 15,000 t



Dynamic growth combined with sound judgement

When Vossko was founded in 1982, the sales area was limited to Westphalia, in the middle of Germany. Only the foodstuffs retail traders were supplied. Today we are comprehensively represented across Germany, have established ourselves firmly in many European and lots of South American markets, and are expanding our international presence in all sales areas in a target-orientated manner.

In additional to foodstuffs retail traders, we now supply the manufacturers of ready meals, pan-fried dishes, delicatessen salads and other foods. Since 2006, we have been marketing our own range for professional providers of care services in the away-from-home market (company gastronomy, hospitals, retirement homes, school catering, (system) gastronomy etc.)

Uncomplicated enjoyment for your home with the Vossko ready & waiting guarantee

Who doesn't know this feeling: hungry for a delicious meal, but too little time to cook? Here the Vossko ready & waiting guarantee can assist: all articles are ready-cooked and quick to prepare. You receive products which always succeed and which save valuable time - that's how uncomplicated enjoyment works!

The quality of our products is very important to us. For this reason, we regularly check using sensor techniques whether the produced articles fulfil our requirements. Stringent inspections in our in-house laboratory and at external institutes give us the security of only bringing top-class goods into the shops.

Because we are convinced of the quality of our products, we face the critical jury of the Deutschen Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (German Agricultural Society - DLG) every year – and regularly receive awards. We are of course particularly delighted by this fact!

High-quality standard articles and customer-tailored production solutions for the industry

We are the right partners to fulfil the complex requirements of your modern Production. Quality, flexibility, know-how and qualified consultation are a matter of course for us.

Our years of experience in the production of fully-cooked articles made from poultry, pork, beef and soya are reflected in the wide range of products available. In the five product groups, you will find a large diversity of articles which have been subjected to very different cooking methods, cut dimensions and calibrations.

All Vossko articles are deep-frozen (IQF) and therefore optimally suitable for flexible storage and variable production planning. Continuous inspections through independent institutes guarantee constant product quality and safety. Almost all of our products are free of allergens and bear a Clean Label.


Maximum possible product safety for kitchen professionals thanks to fully-cooked articles

Vossko Foodservice is a rapidly-growing division of the Vossko Group. We are the right partners when kitchen professionals from company, school and retirement home catering or the catering, care and snacks sector require support with safe and high-standard culinary products. Our articles are completely cooked through and gently shock frozen, as only in this way can we achieve a maximum of safety and retain as many valuable nutrients as possible.

Naturally, we avoid the addition of additives and colourings wherever possible. For this reason, most of our products bear the Clean Label. The same applies for allergens - we reduce ingredients containing allergens to a minimum and can thus offer you a wide range of allergen-free articles.